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Charles Webster Born on the 24th July (Peacefrog) 

An absolute masterclass in deep emotive house and downtempo brilliance from British electronic producer Kevin Webster, Born on the 24th July sounds as gorgeous now as it did when it was released in 2001.


With its laidback vibe and comforting layers, and with contributions from the likes of Terra Deva and Massive Attack vocalist Sara Jay, music critics around the world rightly lauded this longplayer when it first dropped – DJmag awarded the album 11/10 – while fans got cramp in their fingers from hitting the ‘repeat’ button so often (at least this fan did). Eighteen years on, and its velvety textures are still as inviting. If Galaxy chocolate did albums…


And here’s a sweet bonus – Webster recently made previously unreleased ‘outtakes’ from the album available via Bandcamp, including the original demo of Sweet Butterfly and instrumentals of Put Your Hurt Aside and Ready.

Some albums should never leave your playlist. This is one of them.

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