Ndagga Rhythm Force to Make Manchester Debut

Nine-piece collective will take part in Marcus Intalex Music Foundation event

Marcus Intalex was a foundational figure in the drum & bass scene and later went on to make a huge impact in techno with a typically fresh take on the genre. His sad passing in May 2017 lead Dutch artist Martyn to set up the Marcus Intalex Music Foundation in his honour.


It aims to inspire and encourage young talent in the same way that Marcus himself loved to do. Through an ongoing series of workshops, events, seminars, parties and studio sessions, people from all walks of life are given the chance to learn, immerse themselves in the culture and meet fellow creatives around the world. 


On Friday, 26 July, the next event will bring Berlin techno legend Mark Ernestus’s Ndagga Rhythm Force outfit to Band on the Wall, in Manchester. Ndagga Rhythm Force is a nine-piece collective who play hypnotic drums with enchanting vocals all inspired by their Senegalese heritage, with the masterful Ernestus at the mixing desk while they play.


Participants of the Foundation will be encouraged to immerse themselves in that rich African music culture with a series of daytime workshops at Z-arts, which proceed the band’s Manchester debut later that evening. 

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