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Christian Löffler Graal (Prologue) Ki Records

German artist Christian Löffler has a real affinity for nature and it heavily influences the music he makes. A photographer as well as producer and live act, Löffler runs his own Ki Records, where he has already put out two well-received albums. His latest from April, Graal (Prologue), was written on the road and has been likened to a travel dairy by the artist himself. It’s a soothing mix of downtempo ambience, neo-classical techno and rich minimal that is grown-up and emotive, multi-layered and cathartic. 

Löffler says that during the writing process he “turned off” his brain a bit and just went with the flow, and it serves as a prologue for a second companion album to be released before the end of the year. That one was written in a totally different way, in his home studio on the Baltic coast, so will be inspired by windswept landscapes and the rugged beauty of the local environment. For now, the drawn-out pads and undulating rhythms of Graal offer a perfect excuse to zone out and get lost in a musical daydream that is mesmerising and magical in equal measure. 

Get your ears around the haunting sound of Like Water featuring Mohna, taken from Graal (Prologue).

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