Mick Wilson celebrates new PMT single Jazz Ting with a 90-min mix

We’re loving the output from PaperMacheTiger, the new production outfit from Mick Wilson and Dylan Debut. Since joining forces last year, the pair has created an arsenal of tracks that’s piqued the interest of several labels.

Old school prog heads will remember Mick as one half of UK DJing and production duo Parks & Wilson and one-third of Tilt, while his new studio partner has been prolific under his Dylan Debut guise (check out recent solo release Jaxx Up, which has been smashing it on Traxsource). As PaperMacheTiger they fuse their influences to create a house sound that elbows its way unapologetically onto today’s contemporary dancefloors while paying homage to the past.


Following releases last year on Do Not Sleep, Black Riot, Audiophile and Pangea, their new track Jazz Ting is out 21 February on US label Nervous Records. “Releasing on a label like Nervous is a big thing for both of us,” says Mick. “Nervous is a staple of house music culture and to be part of their story with this release means a lot to us as music creators.”

Listen to the exclusive PMT mix right here, while Mick tells us more about the PaperMacheTiger story…

How did PaperMacheTiger come about and what’s the philosophy behind it?

PaperMacheTiger is a production project I started about a year ago. I've known

Dylan for a while and asked him to come on board. He's a super talented producer who has worked with the likes of Hector M, Jay Tripwire and Nathan Coles. Our musical thoughts and individual styles seem to work really well when combined and as a result our output as PaperMacheTiger has already developed its own identity.

The philosophy behind it is simply to create quality electronic music with great friends, great people and great musicians, taking influences from a wide range of genres. Underground house music is at the core of what we do, touching on classic Detroit and Chicago house sounds, but we also look at what music is coming through and apply those influences as well. I didn’t want to pigeonhole the project into just one direction. Some people might think this approach makes it difficult to identify what the music is about, but the underlying factor is that it is all about the music – whether we do a jacking house track or a more tech-house or techno infused track, it reaches out to the underground. From the start of a night moving through to the afterhours, we touch on all these sounds and reflect them in the music and mixes we create.

Describe both your characters…

We have very individual traits. Dylan is impatient. Actually, he’d prefer if I said he likes to get the job done, he isn’t one to procrastinate. He’s prolific, which means we get a production boxed off and move on to the next project. I’m a bit more laidback, with a more structured, methodical approach to things.


What are your individual strengths in the studio and how do you bounce off each other?

We both work well on the groove of the track. I then bring in the keys; I’m a synth fanatic and have a tasty selection of synths to use in our productions. I love exploring sound. Dylan is great at arrangement and the engineering side, his mixdowns are super tight. I’m more underground and experimental at my roots and Dylan is great with the house vibe. We both have our own little edges that complement each and merging the two really defines the PMT sound.

There’s a lot of hype around Jazz Ting, which hits the streets on the 21 February, but tell us a little about its predecessors – the Satisfaction EP and Searchin featuring Nuala

These two are at the opposite ends of the scale. Satisfaction is a deep, tech driven workout, a tech-house groover that fits in a warm-up set or even a late night, afterhours vibe. It’s a play on the deeper sounds and percussive elements that we like to explore. Searchin, on the other hand, moves us into a Morodor-inspired disco workout. Nuala is a great singer, who shares her time between London and Ibiza, and she had the idea for the vocals. The original take was in a house style but Dylan played me some older disco stuff and we decided to shake it up and give the production a bit of disco treatment.


With a lot of our productions we deliver an Alt Mix – a heavier dub mix – which is more dancefloor orientated. It’s a bit like a trademark with the Alt Mix designed to really work the floor. So while our tracks sit across different genres and scenes, each has the PaperMacheTiger production identity that can be heard in both the Satisfaction EP and Searchin.

You’re both based in Ibiza. In what ways does the island inspire your creativity?

We’re surrounded by creative people from every media, which in itself feeds creativity on all levels. The island has a history that goes back beyond dance music but it has always been bathed in music and the arts, it has always been a place for music-

makers and dancers. This vibe flows through the island. There’s an electric atmosphere that permeates everything.

How do you cope with Ibiza’s famous summer madness now that you’re a resident there?

It does get quite chaotic but in reality that’s only one small part of the island. There are other areas, like ‘the campo’, where you can escape the madness and find tranquility if you want it. Saying that, sometimes a little bit of madness is good for the soul.

Any plans for a live PaperMacheTiger set-up?

It would be great to do something live but I’m not sure if we’ll be able to work it out for this year due to our studio and DJing schedules. We have played some sets with all our own music, which worked really well, so taking it a step further to a hybrid/live show is feasible.

What’s the PaperMacheTiger masterplan for this year?

We’ve got a hell of a release schedule, with 10 new releases coming over the next six months. The aim is to spend as much time in the studio as possible working towards an album. You’ll be hearing a lot more music from us.

What DJ gigs do you have on the horizon?

I was due to be on tour in Asia, taking in a few Chinese cities, but it was postponed due to the Coronavirus. I should be back over there hopefully in May if it’s all sorted out by then, we’ll just have to wait and see. There are a few things going on here in Ibiza as well, some really cool winter parties – small gigs, where musically you can go wherever you want with the sound, which fits the PaperMacheTiger philosophy perfectly.

Musically, what or who else is floating your boat?

There’s a great label/record store called Yoyaku that

is doing some great things at the moment, proper underground movement stuff. The sound, and the artists that they associate with, really takes me back to the original underground music scene. I’m also really feeling Tibi Dabo. He’s only 22 years old but has a sound like he’s been creating music for an age.

What new kit have you got your hands on lately and how do you rate it?

I’ve played with Pioneer DJ’s new DDJ-V10 mixer. It sits somewhere in between Ritchie Hawtin’s PLAYdifferently Model One and Allen & Heath’s XONE:96 mixer. I can see it becoming the new standard over the DJM900NXS2.


For in the studio, the Moog Matriarch ticks a lot of boxes. It’s a synth and a half – semi-modular with an amazing sound. You can spend hours just tweaking and playing sequences, it’s like going down the rabbit hole.

What piece of legendary kit will never be bettered?

Loads of people would choose any classic synth – Roland, Moog, Arp and the likes – but Korg has just released a re-version of the classic ARP2600 and the new version is better than the original. Roland has new Boutique versions of their classic synths and Behringer has got in on the act cloning anything and everything that has come before. Years ago, you could safely say that the new versions would never come close to the originals but now, it’s a totally different ball game. You could place an original next to one of the new generation synths and you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference in sound.


If money was no object, which bit of additional kit would you buy today?

Every Moog, classic and new. We’ve already got three in the studio but these machines are things of legend. If money was no object Moog hardware would be on the list.


How did you approach your mix for iamCrü?

I really enjoyed putting this together. It was recorded live using MasterSounds’ Radius Two Valve mixer and two Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus 2s. The Radius is about the blend when it comes to mixing, which was perfect for this mix. Using a basic set-up with no effects, I wanted to capture the vibe of a set as it would be played in a club, with the slight imperfections that come with mixing live. The music is a selection of material that we’ve produced – some released, others that we keep in the bag – plus a glimpse into the sound, labels and artists we like to explore in the booth and in the studio. It’s a snapshot into the PaperMacheTiger sound, with the mix flowing across the beginning, middle and end of a night out.

Keep up to date with all things PaperMacheTiger here.

And get your ears around PaperMacheTiger’s iamCrü mix right here.


  • Ardalan Recalibration (Intro) (DirtyBird)

  • Mija Gypsy Woman (Original Mix) (Kitsuné)

  • Telephones Groundshaker Lightbreaker (Pulse Mix) (For The Record)

  • Yulia Niko Man Like Stars (August Artier Remix) (Deeperfect Records)

  • PaperMacherTiger OG (DJ Simi Remix) (Kenpo Recordings)

  • Dubfire feat. Carl Craig and Kate Elsworth Lotus (Tibi Dabo Remix) (Crosstown Rebels)

  • PaperMacheTiger Jazz Ting (Alt Mix) (Nervous Records NYC)

  • Tiger Moods Brikwell (Yoyaku)

  • Butch and C.Vogt Parallels (Skudge Dub) (Otherside)

  • Valeriaan Garden Walk (Yoyaku)

  • PaperMacheTiger Phantasy Girl (Pierre Can Dance Mix) (Unreleased)

  • PaperMacheTiger Confusion (Whorehouse)

  • August Artier 2012 (Unreleased)

  • Firstworld Groove Is In The Heart (Original Mix) (Kitsuné)

  • PaperMacheTiger Underground Muzik (Alt Mix) (Unreleased)

  • PaperMacheTiger How Does It Feel (Promo)

  • Ian Pooley Detour (Kwench Records)

  • Ardalan Strength feat. Erica Dee (DirtyBird)

  • Valeriaan Drum Procession (Yoyaku)

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