Claude von Stroke Marks 15 Years of Dirtybird

Milestone year brings a new album, coffee table book and tour

It’s a milestone year for Dirtybird with 2020 marking 15 years since Claude von Stroke launched his game-changing San Francisco label. To celebrate, the boss has a new album, Freaks & Beaks, on the way, on Friday, 21 February.


The sound of the label has always been left-of-centre, with giant kicks booming underneath quirky samples, and playful sound designs bringing real character to dance music. For the new album, Detroit-born von Stroke is said to have changed his production process and come up with over 130 sketches before whittling them down to 11 tracks on everything from complex modular synths to simple drum apps on his iPad.


Alongside the album, there’s also a coffee table book and documentary series exploring the label’s development, while tour dates are planned for the US, London and Berlin.

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