DJ-Kicks Taps Up Kamaal Williams

New jazz pioneer showcases “undervalued heroes” of the British dance landscape

The last few years have seen jazz music be wholly reinvented and reclaimed by a younger generation. Leading the charge is Kamaal Williams, a London-based drummer and musician whose two studio albums – Black Focus and The Return – and Europe-wide live tours have made the sound cool again. That’s thanks to way they have drawn on Williams’ love of ’70s fusion, garage, hip-hop, house, broken beat and funk.


Now we get a very intimate view of the records that have made Williams the artist he is with an excellent entry into the DJ-Kicks series.


Landing in November, it features some of his own new live jams, plus a couple of his electronic tracks as Henry Wu, next to a host of heartfelt and spiritual tracks from his peers. Dego, Tenderlonius and K15 represent the new jazz sound, while classic house from Peven Everett, disco from Southern Freeze and bass from Steve Spacek all joins the dots.


“It’s about connecting the lineage and giving respect to the creators – those undervalued heroes of this British dance landscape who deserve more recognition today,” said Williams.


The compilation lands on Friday, 8 November.

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