Lane 8 Enforces No-Phones Rule on Album Tour

Fans who violate the American producer's rule will be thrown out of his gigs

Props to Lane 8 for enforcing his “no-phones rule” as he prepares to embark on his Brightest Lights album tour. The DJ and producer – real name Daniel Goldstein – released his new album earlier in January on his This Never Happened label, and is due to set off on a two-month tour of North America followed by a string of UK and European dates in April and May.


The Denver producer took to social media to explain that his Brightest Lights tour would adopt the same policy as his This Never Happened party series, where taking photos or videos is strictly forbidden.


“I firmly believe that with this simple rule, we have been able to create one of the most special and unique atmospheres of any show I’ve ever been part of,” said Goldstein. He added that he was constantly “blown away” looking out into the crowd – rather than a sea of phones – and seeing people “genuinely and organically connecting with the music and each other”.


Fans’ phone cameras will be covered with tape specifically made to cover phone cameras without damaging them. Additional security will also be hired for each show with the sole purpose of enforcing the no-photos, no-videos rule. Those who breach the rule will be thrown out of the gig. “It does not give me any pleasure to do this, in fact, I really hate it,” said Goldstein. But he stressed the rule would be meaningless if it wasn’t enforced, adding: “So please, just don’t record.”


Praising fans, Goldstein concluded: “On a happier note, I have always been stunned at how few people attempt to take videos at our TNH shows. We have purposely chosen not to lock people’s phones up in pouches or lockers because we believe in trusting people’s good intentions and sense of responsibility, and we will be counting on those values again.”


You can find Lane 8’s full album tour schedule here.

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