Max Cooper and the Aether Light Field Installation Head To Glasgow

The immersive audio experience kicks off Sonica festival

We think London-based electronica and techno producer Max Cooper is a bit of a genius. The Belfast-born artist has a PhD in computational biology and an interest in psychoacoustics, 3D sound design, field recordings, proper melody, ten-dimension shapes, virtual reality, data representation and much more. Importantly, though, you don’t need an understanding or even an interest in any of these things to appreciate one of his shows, be it a live one or a hybrid DJ and live set. 

His Aether light field installation with Architecture Social Club, for example, comprises a 3D lattice of light mapped to a live immersive audio experience, where the light field wraps around the audience, “playing on the connection between spatial and sonic structures”. 


The show is heading to Cryptic Glasgow at the Tramway, on Thursday, 31 October, as part of the city’s Sonica festival. Catch it if you can.

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