Yogi’s Choice Cuts

iamCrü’s loveable bear reveals five tracks worth hunting down

and jazzy initially before blossoming into an uptempo, surprise house finale. Aboy is intelligent and full of lush harps, strings, acoustic guitar, bird and water sounds underpinned by a mosaic of flowering instruments that cascade all over the track like a Japanese garden coming to life. Stars is a subtle house groove, which is followed by the mo’ edgy and very funky Cry Baby, which borrows heavily from the funk scene of days gone by for its hypnotic, bobbling bassline that is peppered with mesmerising bleeps, naughty keys and squealing effects. 100% fresh, 100% unique.

Koto Motomura
New Experience EP

(Hobbes Music Vinyl and Digital Promo)

The vinyl, which comes accompanied by some beautiful cover artwork, is out now and the download lands in September. The feedback to the artwork by Japanese illustrator Ai Tsuchikawa has been so positive I do believe the label is printing a limited number of T-shirts, so if you dig the cover and love rare clobber reach out to Hobbes Music. Laurent Garnier, Red Rack’em, Bill Brewster and Phat Phil Cooper are pushin’ this endearing four-tracker (two bonus cutz on the download) to the max. We love music that shatters the mould here at iamCrü and this collection of Terrace House music destroys the formula for good. “What the hell is Terrace House, Yogi?” Terrace House is deep, melodic, abstract music that is perfect for chilled-out terrace sets where the sun and groove amalgamate to create a lush, laidback summer vibe. Yes is a track of two halves, chuggy

Playin’ With Fire (Daniel Maunick Remix)

(Straight Talk Records Test Pressing)

These guys are unsung heroes of the Scottish music scene. I’ve followed their progress for a couple of decades now and their musical development matures each year. In the formative years the set up was Sid The Funky Kid and Jamie McShane but with the premature passing of Sid, Jamie has persisted with the moniker and now works with his relative and bosom buddy Daniel Maunick, the offspring of Incognito’s Bluey Maunick and an outstanding producer in his own right. Here the Difusion team tag with American-born, Glasgow-based vocalist Ant Thomaz on Shining and the results are superb. Borderline soul/garage is what we get on the original mix of Playin’ With Fire, while Maunick’s rub is dubbier, complete with lovely guitar flecks and hand claps driving the groove. Shining was initially given to me with a Garfield Fleming vocal over it but for legal reasons this mix has not seen the light of day. Not to worry, Ant Thomaz makes great use of the new lyrics that compliment this full and rounded house production that’s available from Juno in September. 

Hot Fire

(Stone Island Records)

To coin a phrase, this record has something for everybody – and it has gone for as little as, wait for it… one pence! Now we all know quality does not equate to value, for God’s sake, some David Guetta records go for £5 and are worth nowhere near that! Anyway, I digress, what we have here is a potpourri of mixes and tracks, some of which have a Detroit techno feel, some that would be at home on Tribal America or Yoshitoshi Recordings, while others fit the Hi Bias musical DNA. Let The Night could easily have appeared on Subliminal or Strictly Rhythm and the harder Love will cheer up any progressive house fan that enjoys a bargain. Most of the copies for sale on discogs are in Italy but with VGs starting at under £2, this might be a great and under the radar start to your vinyl collection.

Discogs Delve!

Nick Hussey and Sam Moore

(King Street Sounds Digital Promo)

We’ve got a nice dub mix here that excludes some of the key and essential sounds that make this production from UK-based producer Nick Hussey so captivating. The fuzzy rumbling bottom-end is hefty as hell and the squiggly keyboard is jus’ one of those sounds you can’t get enough of and is eagerly anticipated right through the track. Vocally, there’s a great lead and gospel chorus combo that works beautifully together. Where this track really reaches another level, though, is during the breakdown and those final outro bars, when the bobbling, acidic bass and squiggly keys are at full throttle and leave us thirsty for more. Always the sign of a killa cut. 

The Vision feat Andreya Triana

(Defected Records 7”)

Kon of the Kon and Amir DJing duo gets to grips with the stems here for this 7” rub of Heaven, which was partly penned by the talented and much-respected Ben Westbeech. It’s a lovely, rounded production reliant on a phat bottom-ended groove, filled with a groaning bass lick and punctuated with relentless claps, snare and guitar licks. Is it nu boogie? Is it house music? It’s a duplicitous DJ tool offering a firm and sympathetic nod to both genres, affording this release mass crossover appeal to both the soul and house music dancefloors. What is unquestionable is the vocal content. It’s impeccable both front and back with the church-like backing vocals powering this track along and lending a solid backdrop for Triana’s soulful delivery to shine. Home, on the flip, is a moody soul

groove complete with yet mo’ big B.V. support for Triana, who drops a laidback performance, a la Ledisi or Badu style. Is it a classic soul track? Nah, but I suspect judging by the huge hype surrounding Heaven that this 7” is gonna do jus’ fine sales wise on the strength of that big room belter alone. There’s 12” pressure to follow in a few weeks and hopefully we can get our hands on one of those babies pre-release.  

The proud owner of one of the UK’s biggest collections of hip-hop, house, jazz, soul, techno/acid, boogie and funk records, Yogi Haughton has been DJing for almost 40 years. He founded Edinburgh’s Mutha Funkin’ Soulful Beats (MSFB) club and co-founded the SSW Weekender. Signed to Midnight/Black Riot Records, Yogi can be booked through phutureManagement.

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